On February 15, 2015 one of our favorite clients, Senna Cosmetics, used Nomadic Creations to shoot their Spring 2015 make-up tutorials.  Eugenia Weston, owner and creator of Senna Cosmetics, takes her make up very seriously and is her passion.  She creates different pigments, looks, and serums on her own.  Eugenia likes to formulates her make up with purpose in mind.  Not only does the make up hold all day, it has healing and moisturizing characteristics.  I personally have shot these tutorials for over a year now.  It’s a smaller crew and we can take our time while shooting.  Since this is a beauty shoot, the ring light was used along with fill light to really give that soft like for that ultimate beauty look.  In addition, who doesn’t like the look of the ring in the catch light of the models eyes?  When it’s all said and done, there will be four different videos, each showing the user how to apply a specific look that Eugenia has created to compliment the season.

Make-Up: Monica Halligan
Model: Meghan Hawkins
Video: Damon Biviano

senna-cosmetics-spring-2015-bts-2senna-cosmetics-spring-2015-bts-3  senna-cosmetics-spring-2015-bts-4senna-cosmetics-spring-2015-bts-1

photographs courtesy of: Monica Halligan