Nomadic Creations had the opportunity to work with The Miller Group shooting 150+ reflective kitchen products for Alegacy.  This was one of the more technical shoots as chafers (buffet food tray heating systems) are basically a half sphere of reflective difficulty.  Every single reflection feeds into the product and needs to be taken into account when lighting, camera placement and the placement of people on set.  We used a five foot and three foot lighting tent to complete the shoot.  In addition to the lighting and camera placement, keeping the products clean and finger print free while styling is another challenge.  Cotton gloves and special cleaners were necessary.  At one point we had forty kitchen knives, all out of their packaging.  Luckily, we made with through without and cuts or scratches 😉  Silvia Ardeleani ( was the stylist while Damon Biviano was the photographer for this shoot.

alegacy-knives alegacy-chafer-reflection