What we do:

We are media creators. We know how the internet consumes content and we’re here to bridge that gap between your business and your clients.


Social Media & Marketing

Original Content Creation | Strategy

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You’re The Creator

Video Production

Concept Creation | Creative Collaboration | Unique Branding

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Show It Off

Photography Services

Social Media Photography | Portraiture | Product

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Our Background

We come from a background film production and social media. With over 200 million video views and hundreds of videos created, we know how millennials consume media. The entire commercial and advertising world has changed, the formula of a high budget 30 – 60 second commercials has flipped.
The way to stay relevant is consistency. The way to video views is short and highly engaging content. That is our focus at Nomadic Creations. We are highly scalable and offer different packages based on company size and goals. Whether it’s creating a one off video or an ongoing production, we’ll help deliver your imagery to the right demographic.

We help you stay relavant and in front of your clients through consistency and stunning content.

We are a small firm located in Santa Monica. It’s part of philosophy to work closely with our clients team to deliver and exceed expectations.